About Us

We are

offering consulting services for SAP and other IT services. We boast some of the best minds and talent in the country. We have a strong team of SAP consultants, IT consultants, business analysts and project managers to deliver high quality solutions. We have nearly 15+ years of SAP services experience and knowledge. Bedrock Services Inc's is uniquely qualified to lead the SAP services industry in a broad range including but not limited to systems integration, Modernization and transformational services.


Bedrock Services Inc. provides comprehensive high quality IT services to its clients . Our core portfolio comprises of Information-Technology, SAP Support, Applications Development, Business Process Integration services, and Information-Technology Transformation services. We provide a wide ranging solutions and services, including the development, integration, implementation and full lifecycle support of e-commerce and enterprise applications to companies of all sizes.

Ability & Willingness

Bedrock Services Inc. also offering wide spectrum software services, which enables our clients to meet time-to-market schedules, maximize productivity, reduce development cost, optimize software quality, and manage project risks. Bedrock Services Inc's ability and willingness to work in partnership with other companies is a key to our success in bringing our clients world-class solutions to their business needs. We help clients deal with changing business and technology issues. Our relationship with clients is an on-going partnership, we bring our experience, best practices, and tools to bear on client’s unique requirements.